A Tale of Two Roses

Two roses on the kitchen tableDavid brought me two roses the other night.  Here’s the back story:

We joke that David is half-vulcan, like Dr. Spock from Star Trek.  I am like Deanna Troy, the half-betazoid empath.  The mixture of opposites makes us so much more together than we are individually.  It also gives us extra challenges in learning to be together and create a union from two very different lives.

Vulcans are not known to be emotional or romantic.  David is more known for his analytical skills than his bubbly personality.  I adore his even-tempered thinking and his steadiness.  I had heard from others that he was a bit intimidating, but something about us together brings out his softer side.  I think I’m rubbing off on him.

When David proposed to me, he included two of my kids.  They all picked out the ring together.  Then they had me cook a big fancy dinner and when it came time for dessert, my daughter handed out cupcakes and then my son handed me two roses.  The two roses represented David and me, a couple in love.  My ring was tied with ribbon to one of the roses.

When I saw the ring, David looked at me with such deep love and sweetness.  He asked me to marry him, right at the kitchen table at my house with the kids there.

Knowing that he had gone out of his comfort zone and asked me to marry him in a way that he knew would mean so much to me, meant more to me than anything.  I think if he could have chosen his own way, it might have been, “Hey Athena, do you want to get married?  Great.  Do you want a ring?”   Or maybe he would have presented me with a spreadsheet of pros and cons. With the pros outweighing the cons, by a hair.

A couple of times since, David has given me 2 roses. He’s not a guy who has ever bought flowers, he’s more of a, “I will take care of you forever, I will love you and be there.” kind of guy, not big on romantic gestures.

At our wedding, we had a rose ceremony.  We handed each other a rose, then I gave roses to all of his children and in memory of his first wife.  He gave roses to my children and one in memory of my stepdaughter Angie.  It was a beautiful honoring of our families coming together.  It was even more meaningful because of our rose tradition.

The other night when David came home with 2 roses, it was such a direct hit of love from him to me.  He came in with 4 teenage boys and a couple of pizzas, too.  As an empath, I understand that he reached out into my world and gave me the roses as his way of saying that he’s willing to travel into my world to bring me joy and happiness.

I love the roses.  I love the man who brought me the roses.  I am so grateful.


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