Instructions from God-Chill Out!

Morning in the MountainsThis morning was filled with grace.  I walked my daughter down our 20 mile long driveway to her bus stop, then took my daily god walk.  It was warm enough to relax and go into my godtrance easily.  Most of what god had to say to me today had to do with learning how to live without anxiety.  How to rewire my brain and chill out, sing, write, love my husband and kids and be really gentle as I heal.

I breathed all that in, enjoyed the clouds moving in the sky and the crunchy ice and snow under my feet.  I came home and told David about the smooth living idea and he was all for it.  He’s pretty chill and I tend to be spiky.

The idea of living with trust that I am safe is new.  God mentioned that new ideas take time to integrate and that was the reason behind his suggestion to keep a low profile at the moment.  He keeps reminding me not to do to much, not to start too much and to trust that god will give me the word when it’s time to get going.  He says that without resting, I won’t be able to move forward the way he wants me to.  He says when I’m needed, I’ll be traveling the world, singing and spreading light.

Until then, I am to learn to trust, to receive and give love, to heal my body and hang out with him as much as possible.

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