Rock Your Voice-Change the World!

I’m teaching a new class at my local arts organization, Hubbard Hall, called Rock Your Voice, and it starts next Tuesday.  It’s for kids from 10-18 years old.  What I love about this class is that I use pop music, which I love, to help the kids feel more confident and also to cheer each other on.

I don’t teach singing regularly, but when I do, I always find that we end up hitting everything in a student’s life, not just singing.  Opening your mouth wide and letting lots of sound come out is not something we do much of in our culture.  At school, kids learn to be quiet.  I teach them to be loud!  We will make lots of noise in the class, being instruments and singing along with YouTube videos and learning to value the unique sounds each person’s body shape and vocal cords make. Being allowed to be loud is really healing for the kids.

This class is my contribution to world harmony. I’m on a stealth mission.  On the surface I teach vocal technique, repertoire, lyrical analysis as well as how to be a good audience and a generous performer.  We use music to explore cultural messages and also personal messages.  But, deeper down what I really want to do is help each person express his or her truth.  To give voice to his or her own unique being with confidence.  And to appreciate everyone else’s voice as well.  I feel strongly that the bullying epidemic in schools comes from intolerance of differences. If kids learned that each person has something interesting and different that deserves to be heard and seen and accepted and celebrated and they felt heard and accepted, it would change everything.

So, we will sing songs that the kids choose, do vocal exercises, physical stretches, look at lyrics and messages and video representations of music, have fun, enjoy each other and create a little world peace while we’re at it.  I can’t wait!!

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