The Pope, Person of the Year

the pope

I just read most of the article in Time magazine about the Pope being chosen as the person of the year.  The thing that struck me most deeply is his quote that God “has redeemed all of us..not just Catholics.  Everyone, even atheists.”  I felt so relieved that a Pope would say something so welcoming and inclusive.  I know there are many things the pope has said that I don’t agree with, including outdated ideas about women, but I feel an underlying shift in the world and this pope is riding that energy wave.  The old patriarchy is breaking down and a new possibility of more acceptance for our differences is rising up.

In my own ideas about god, I have always thought that all of us were equally loved and held.  I have a hard time imagining a god who judges some people as better or more holy than others.  It’s people who do that judging, not god.  God, in my view, is beyond time and space limitations.  I am not.  Nobody is.  We humans live from birth to death, move from place to place while god is everything and everywhere in all time.  Or even nowhere at no time and no thing.  It stretches my mind to even hold the concept of god.

I can’t really define or imagine god from my limited brain.  All I can do is know that god is more than I can imagine, unlimited, infinite.  Even the words unlimited and infinite have measurements in them, a negative of limits, or the negative of finite.  I don’t know a word that describes everything, except for God  To me, god means something I can’t even put into words, except for the very word, God.

I imagine god sees us all as equally creative, yet totally unique sparks.  Which then inspires me to also see people and their many choices in life as valid.  I am not the judge of anyone’s life, even if I do have preferences.  I don’t have to enjoy what you might do or think or say, but if I try to live my life as godly as I can, I will honor your choices as the creations of your unique soul and love that you are alive.  And that I am alive.

I think about this all the time as I interact with so many different people.  There are times when I want my kids or husband or parents or ex husband or friends to choose differently.  I want to be able to convince them to act the way I want them to.  But, ultimately, I always check back in with the god voice inside and I am reminded that god loves us all equally.  And when I feel the need to change someone else, I should instead go sing, take a walk, cook a healthy meal or help someone in actual need.  Or pray.  Or feel grateful to be alive.

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