Walking Again with God

I took a walk today.  It’s been so cold lately, that I haven’t gone out and that’s been really strange.  I walk almost every single day.  I take a few steps and then I go into a meditative state and hang out with god, ask questions and get answers.

I don’t have to walk to hear god, but it’s my routine, my daily hit of truth.  I notice that if too many days go by without a walk, I get heavy and negative.  That happened to me the past couple of weeks.  But, today, I felt actual joy as I walked.  It was a sunny day and temperatures were up in the 20’s.  The air felt springlike.  I felt spacious, like a whipped dessert with lots of air bubbles.  The snow sparkled in the late afternoon sun.

The photo above is an apple tree with some old apples still on the branches and snow beneath.  The one below is a partially frozen pond in the sun. I took photos as I walked. Each step felt like a little jig as I went up and down the hill of my country road.  I could feel myself shifting gears, from heavy to light and I have to say, it felt really good!


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